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ebook: A Practical Guide to Color Management and Printing
              by Mark P. DiLallo

In A Practical Guide to Color Management and Printing, Mark P. DiLallo describes simple and concise best practices for a highly effective end-to-end color management workflow.  He uses extensive graphics to help you visualize key concepts.  You will gain the strong foundation you need to correctly calibrate your equipment, evaluate your software, and make good color setting choices for your workflow.

This thorough 70+ page guide has three main chapters:
• Color Management Concepts
• Color Managed Digital Darkroom Workflows
• Color Management Settings

You will learn how to:
• Setup your own customized Color Managed Workflow
• Perform Everyday Tasks while maintaining faithful, consistent Colors
• Maximize the color range, nuanced quality and consistency throughout your workflow—from your camera, to your monitors, to print & web
• Optimize your print success rate—saving time, cost, and frustration
• Realize the full capabilities of your equipment, software, and images now…and prepare for the full potential of new technologies in the future

You will acquire an sound understanding of:
• Color Models/Spaces/Profiles/Gamuts
• sRGB, AdobeRGB, ProPhotoRGB, and ICC Printer and Monitor Profiles
• Color Space Conversion (Rendering Intent)
• Monitor, Printer, and ColorChecker Camera Calibration

• Soft Proofing and Gamut Warnings
• How Paper choices effect Results
• Color in Windows  and Mac OS
• Setup examples in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, and Adobe Camera RAW, and more will prepare you to interpret and set up color for just about any application or device such as DXO PhotoLab Elite and ACDSee Photo Studio Pro

The book itself is pdf file and looks great on a PC, Laptop, and iPad.  After you place and pay via PayPal, you will receive an email with a link that enables you to download the file via a right-click, save-as method.